Marathon Training Week 10

Welcome back to my Marathon Training blog, this weeks update on how week 10 of my Marathon Training plan has gone.

Only 6 weeks left now we are at the end of Week 10, it was a bit of a rest week for me this week and I only ran about 33.5 miles. I used my Saturday run as a fasting run and aimed to run the 1st 6 miles at around 10 minute miles to try and get my body used to burning Fat as a fuel and it also has plenty of other benefits (according to the article below). It was a lot harder than I thought trying to run slow but hopefully worthwhile.

Slowing down to run faster


I haven’t been doing anything different this week and have still been using MyFitnessPal to keep an eye on my overall food in take and my weigh in on Saturday I was at  12 Stone  6.25 lbs so I put 0.5lbs on. Mother’s Day lunch, a curry and a pizza this week has probably added the extra weight.


Still sleeping like a baby with all this running…

Stay Strong

The Circuit Training for Runners is great for improving core strength and mile proofing your body. I also perform Single leg calf raises to failure, slow squats and single leg bend and reach a few times a day when I am making a coffee or just stretching my legs. I have added a number of squats to my daily routine. I have added Whey Protein to my routine immediately after workouts / runs which is helping me recover and feel stronger.


Circuit Training has some great stretches and begins with lots of dynamic stretches to get your muscles warm before some static stretches. I try to avoid performing static stretches without warming my muscles first so when I am at home after the exercises I mention above I do some upper and lower calf stretches and quads.

The Ice Baths have been great in helping reduce the swelling you experience after long runs and I have also added cold showers when I don’t have an ice bath. I am also determined to try and touch my toes from standing so am practicing that stretch a few times a day and am reaching about half way down my shins now.

Progress and pacing

Week 9 of the Plan

Day 1 Monday 07/03 – Rest Day.
Day 2 Tuesday 08/03 – 5+ Miles – 5 Miles Slow – 6 x 20 Seconds Fast each followed by 2:00 Mins Slow (Fast 95% effort)
Day 3 Wednesday 09/03 – Rest Day.
Day 4 Thursday 10/03 – 9 Miles – Slow 2 Miles – Fast 6 Miles – Slow 1 Mile (Fast 7:20/mi – 7:39/mi pace)
Day 5 Friday 11/03 – Rest Day.
Day 6 Saturday 12/03 – 6+ Miles – 6 Miles slow – 6 x 20 Seconds fast each followed by 2:00 mins slow (Fast 95% effort)
Day 7 Sunday 13/03 – 10 Miles – 10Miles Steady (Steady 7:39/mi to 8:09/mi)

Here is what I actually did:

Day 1 – 01:30:00 Circuit Training for runners hosted by Halifax Harriers (including Bleep test, reached Level 10.5)
Day 2 – 6.39 Miles overall pace of 8:50/mi – 5 Miles 8:50/mi – 20 Seconds between 6:12/mi & 7:52/mi – 2:00 Mins between 8:45/mi & 10:25/mi
Day 3 –  9.41 Miles run with Northowram Pumas at overall at 9:02/mi – 2 Miles 8:13/mi – 6 Miles 9:08/mi – 1 Miles 10:04/mi
Day 4 – Boxercise class – I just did a few 2 footed side jumps and ab work this week whilst showing others what to do.
Day 5 – Rest Day.
Day 6 – 7.38 Miles run – Overall 9:27/mi – 6 miles slow 9:35/mi – 20 seconds between 5:21/ & 6:55/mi – 2:00 Mins between 9:25/mi & 10:38/mi
Day 7 – 10.42 Miles run – Overall 8:26/mi

Overall I was quite a bit slower than the plan and completed slightly more than the suggested mileage and completed Circuits & some stretches on Rest Day’s.

I have also been focusing on recovery and each night I have been spending around 15-30 Minutes with the Foam Roller, Massage Stick and an empty Baileys Bottle, mainly focusing on my calves and feet but also some on the IT Band from my hips to ankles (after training). I supplement this with self massage on my calves, down the shin bone, around the ankles and underneath the feet along with Ice Baths.

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