Marathon Training Week 16

Welcome back to my Marathon Training blog, this weeks update on how week 16 of my Marathon Training plan has gone. I will write a separate blog about the Marathon itself.

My last week of training was a light week with only 2 runs and a sports massage on the Thursday before the London Marathon. I also went to watch Riverdance at Leeds Grand Theatre on the Thursday night and took Friday off work to add to the relaxation.

An early start on Saturday to get down to London and register at the Excel wasn’t as smooth as planned and was a bit stressful with the family in tow. The Expo at wasn’t far from the hotel so once parked up it was only a short walk to the Excel centre.

Registration was really quick and there was no queue at our booth and we collected our numbers in minutes, there was a bit of a queue to collect our timing chips but no more than 10 minutes.

There was some really great stands at the expo with some fun stuff to do, in hindsight we should have taken a bit more time looking around and taken in the atmosphere.


This week I ate lots of Carbs ready for the big day, pasta, rice, vegetables, beans & pulses, I cut down on the whoelmeal and dietary fibre and avoided fatty foods as well. I weighed in at 12 Stone on the Saturday so put on another 1lb from the previous week and meant I had lost about 1 Stone 2 lb in the 16 week training plan.


Still sleeping like a baby with all this running… although I was a bit restless on the Friday and Saturday and early starts both days

Stay Strong

I didn’t do anything in the last week just rest


I had my last Sports Massage on the Thursday morning giving me plenty of time to recover

Progress and pacing

Week 16 of the Plan

Day 1 Monday 18/04 – Rest Day.
Day 2 Tuesday 19/04 – 8 x 3 Minutes – 3 Miles Slow followed by 8 x 3 Minutes Fast with 2 Minutes Slow in between and 2 Miles slow to finish
Day 3 Wednesday 20/04 – 4 Miles Slow
Day 4 Thursday 21/04 – Rest Day
Day 5 Friday 22/04 – 15 Minutes Slow
Day 6 Saturday 23/04 – 26.2 Mile Fast (a day early)
Day 7 Sunday 24/04 – Rest Day

Here is what I actually did:

Day 1 – Rest day.
Day 2 – 9.04 Miles overall pace of 7:40/mi – 3 Miles 7:49/mi – 3 Mins from 7:01/mi to 7:32/mi – 2 Miles 7:43/mi
Day 3 – 4.41 Miles run with Northowram Pumas at overall at 8:34
Day 4 – Rest Day – Massage, Shave, Theatre
Day 5 – Rest Day.
Day 6 – Drove to London 6 Hours, walked about for about a mile.
Day 7 – 27.03 Miles overall pace 8:48/mi – 26.2 Miles 3:58:03 (official time)

Overall I completed less mileage but finished the week off faster than the plan.

I have also been focusing on recovery and each night I have been spending around 15-30 Minutes with the Foam Roller & Massage Stick, mainly focusing on my calves and feet but also some on the IT Band from my hips to ankles (after training). I supplement this with self massage on my calves, down the shin bone, around the ankles and underneath the feet along with Ice Baths.

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