About Me!!

I am totally new to blogging and starting my journey here!!

I am an IBMer in my 20th year of service, I am currently a Mainframe Service Integration Leader working in the UK and am a big fan of Social hence I am on the Scooby Blue Journey to capture Dr Doomsday and increase my Social understanding and influence as a result.

Personal interests are Family, Friends, Football, Running and Boxercise, I am currently training for a Marathon in October 2014 but not sure if I will make it after having a 5 week break due to a leg injury and only returning to running 5 weeks before the event (4 weeks to go). (Update injury took it’s toll and a knee injury the weekend before put an end to the Marathon, I have however just registered for the London 2016 Ballot).

My opinions and comments are my own.

‘Playing a social media game  where i hunt down Doctor Doomsday. So far, i’ve been active on Twitter, IBM Connections, LinkedIn and I strongly suspect that I will be looking at SlideShare and Pinterest soon.’

I may have found a vital clue to the identity and location of Dr Doomsday – his unique nano-bot signature has been revealed. The frequency is 5432.12 . Perhaps this can be used to track his location?

I’ve also spotted the first two letters that form the twitter id of Doc Doomsdays dastardly Twitter controlled device. The first two letters of the twitter id are SH. Once I have all of them, i can tweet a code to the twitter ID of the device, and save the world.

I now need to find the rest of the letters of the ID.

And the code that will save the world…

More soon’


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